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The land of the five elements: wood, water, earth, metal and fire… What was once one giant landscape floating in the endless sea of this simulation has been broken apart by earth shattering events. It is here that the final battle for Otherland is likely to take place and one of the isles may hold the secret that tips the scale of this conflict…

5 Isles Newbie Quests Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
From More Simulations in USpace
1 Survivors in a Distant Land SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 108 28 bits
2 Scout it Out SweetieCheng Kichi 54 5 bits
3 Help is Needed Kichi Kichi 162 38 bits Armor (head)
4 The Tunnel Kichi SweetieCheng 54 5 bits
The story now shifts to the Lotus Landing Docks

Lotus Landing Docks Quests Edit

Lotus Landing Docks has it's own page and the quests in that area are listed there.

Fire Isle Edit

8Squared (main storyline) Quests Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 Fire army is ready
2 Yell out
3 The living fire
4 Ironworks (quest)
5 Dark Assault
6 Final countdown

Note: After escaping, you'll find yourself back at the Clock Tower where you'll talk to the Time Lord and move on to the next quest chain in the Simulation Backup.

Wood Isle Edit

needs to be updated

Metal Isle Edit

needs to be updated

Water Isle Edit

needs to be updated

Earth Isle Edit

needs to be updated

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