Also see quest list on 5Isles

292. Taisa Koshin Izo = Fire army is ready

       Conditions = Find the missing soldiers . Defeat the Dark Army patrol [0/5] . Use the portal to get to the city.

293. Taisa Koshin Izo = Yell out

          Conditions = Talk to Taisa Aoki Hikaru . Talk to Taisa Omori Isao . Talk to Taisa Iriye Seji . Talk to Taisa Fuse Soh . Talk to Taisa Morri Ryu .

294. Taisa Morri Ryu = The living fire

          Conditions = Head to the elemental training grounds. Defeat the Dark Army soldiers .

295.Tera Cota Warrior = Ironworks (quest)

          Conditions = Head to the Ironworks . Kill theDark Army Bishop . Kill the Dark Army soldiers [0/4] . Free the trainers . Use the portal to get to the city. 

          Note: The Dark Bishop can sometimes be difficult to locate. He fights with his soldiers and can be some distance (up to 60-70 metres) from the location marked by the quest compass. 

296. Taisa Koshin Izo = Dark Assault

          Conditions = Head to the High General quarters with Taisa Izo . Go inside . Defeat the Monster . Leave the castle . 

          Note: Initially, in this quest, you are told to follow Taisa Izo to the Palace. This is incorrect, he will follow you but if you get too far ahead of him he will simply stop and you'll have to abandon and retake the quest. 

297. Taisa Koshin Izo = Final countdown

             Conditions = Escape the city .

A quick trip back to The Clock Tower . To get the Quest from  the Time Lord.

298. Time Lord = Simulation Backup Quests

          Conditions = Take the portal to the Simulation Backup

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