Description Edit

Simuloid0652 has told you about a time limited offer. Apparently there is a simuloid named Yoshi is giving away apartments in Lambda Mall you should not pass up on such an offer.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to the U|Space promoter in Lambda Mall Concourse
  • Travel to your U|Space using the main portal in Lambda Mall

Quest Dialogue Edit

Simuloid0652 " Hey I almost forgot. There is a very special offer in Lambda Mall Everyone that is new here get a free of charge USpace You know what a USpace is? (Y/N)

No: Simuloid0652 "A USpace is like an apartment. You get a small part of Lambda Mall just for you. The USpace is a place where you can relax after a long day, invite guests to do... well anything you can normally do in an apartment. You got it?"

Simuloid0652 "If you are interested head back to the concourse and talk to one of my friends. He will be waiting for you. Also keep in mind that the USpace offer is limited, so better be quick!"


[[Yoshi the USpace Promoter]] "Hello. Are you the one that Joy messaged me about?" (Y/N)

No: Yoshi the USpace Promoter "Ok, I am sorry, but my offer was limited in time and is no longer available."

Yes: Yoshi the USpace Promoter "Great. My offer was limited and if it wasn't for Joy I would have given out the last USpace]]. However Joy insisted that I hold one for you. Ok, I've sent a USpace address to your Portal pad. you should be able to enter it now."

Personal Assistant "Welcome to the USpace. I am your personal assistant. Before you can begin using the USpace please take the time to follow my instructions.


Rewards Edit

Portal connection USpace, Red stripped Wall pattern, Green Swirl Floor, Default Blue Wall, Default Blue Floor.

Additional Information Edit

It is very important that you do not do too much with the USpace before instructed to do so by your assistant. The area is very user friendly, and you can figure out how to use the areas inside on your own. This will make it so you cannot progress through the quest line. Follow the assistants directions and finish the four quests before interacting with the various functions of your USpace.

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