Description Edit

Abel tells you the king wants a special collection of book. There may be some scattered around the village, ask the blacksmith for help.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Get help from the blacksmith
  • Collect valuable books [0/4]

Quest Dialogue Edit

Abel the village Elder "So the king wants you to collect valuables from his poor folk. That's a great idea... try to find it yourself... or just wait..." [Y]

"When part of the village was destroyed some houses went ruin. Before that Sailor the Mark has a pretty nice book collection similar to the books a strange woman who lived in stone house north of the village did. The books are mostly destroyed and useless, but the king... his mind is stuck in the past. You could just tell him that those are magic witch books. He could think they have some value. You know what I mean..."

"Try to find them... and if it comes to valuables the blacksmith or innkeeper could be of some help to your senseless quest."

Grizzly the Smith

"You were sent here to what?! Hah! that's just pure bollocks! Haha... "valuable things..." The king just lost his mind completely. Isn't he?" [Y]

"Really? Youve seen him what?! In the castle well? Hmmm... That is another level I suppose. Might be as funny as dangerous. I'm not taking part in this spectacle. Let the rest of the village bleed if they want."

"Yeah... That's my last word... Good day to you." [Y]

On completion

Fritzl the Innkeeper "Valuable items you say..." [Y]

"normally I would hit you with the pan but since it is Abel the village Elder who sends you I can be of some help."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

Quest log incorrectly describes the quest as - Boris asked you to gather valuables from the villagers.

Books can be found on the ground near the burned out house at the western end of the village.


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