Description Edit

Hasmer needs samples of bugs that are already acting agressively towards the research crew. He will compare both samples.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Gather samples from agressive bugs [0/4]

Quest Dialogue Edit

Hasmer "I ran a test on the samples and something very interesting came up. I found a strange eDNA infecting the bugs. I think it might something to do with how they are behaving but the process is taking it's time. I think that in order to get a full perspective of the changes we will need to gather samples from bugs that are nearly completely infected. Can I ask you to gather them for me?

Hasmer "Thank you. We don't have time to waste."

Rewards Edit

  • 349 exp
  • 57 bits
  • Class appropriate armor - shirt

Additional Information Edit

You need to complete both mini quest lines from the other two research scientists Hasmer and Neklin: Long Way Back and Angry bugs in order to get the next quest in the main story line Doctor's Help.

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