Description Edit

This part of the tutorial introduces you to the MetaMorph. It allows for some very basic alterations to your characters appearance.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Interact with the Pedestal
  • Use the various options to alter your appearance
  • Talk to Mr. Sellars

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mr. Sellars "Hmmm... your appearance looks a little basic. Let's see - what can I do to help? I will create a MetaMorph for you to alter your appearance. Interact with the pedestal please. Once you're done, come on back and let's talk some more."

On Completion:

Mr. Sellars "Are you happy with your appearance now?" (Y/N)

If you select no: You can go back and try again.

If you select yes: "It is simple to use isn't it? There are limitless way of changing your appearance the way you want using the MetaMorph. Oh yes, you're a fine looking 'simuloid.' Let me check how your interaction peripherals are working."

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