Arc Damage
Energizer ArcDamage
Level 9
Cast time Instant
Target Stickies
Range 1500
Cooldown 20 seconds
Effects DOT
Stance Prime Specialist
Arc Damage produces a damage over time effect on targets that have been marked with the Sticky Capacitor ability. The damage is increased by the number of stickies (sticky capacitor marks) on the target.

Energizers must be in the Prime Specialist stance to use this ability. You can not add this ability to the Prime Juicer action bar.

Strategy Edit

  • Use the Prime Specialist stance when in a party where you will focus more on healing and support activities.
  • Pre-mark targets before starting an encounter with your Sticky Capacitor ability so your Arc Damage and other abilities are ready to go.
    • You can mark both friendly and enemy targets for different abilities.
  • Arc Damage is used primarily to inflict passive damage while you focus on other abilities such as healing your party.
  • You can switch stances during the encounter to utilize other damaging abilities.

Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Arc Damage is the only damage ability available (aside from weapon abilities) in the Prime Specialist stance.
  • There are only two damage over time abilities available to Energizers, Arc Damage and Short Circuit which is available in the Prime Juicer stance.

Patch History Edit

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