Description Edit

Head to the Soul Spirit Well to meet with Fredericks & SeruVIX

MaccyD told you that Fredericks and a hacking program called SeruVIX went to the Soul Spirit Well to analyze its strange behavior. He has asked for you to join them.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Head to the Soul Spirit Well

Quest Dialogue Edit

MaccyD "I think we've talked eough. We should head to the well and deal with the issue there. I've sent SeruVIX, our shaman there. She is a master when it comes to programming but fighting isn't her field of expertise."

Fredericks "You are here, good. I was observing the well and it seems to be getting worse every second. SeruVIX explained that she will look into it but I doubt that a program has what it takes to deal with it.

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

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