Description Edit

Laygolahz15 checked out the weapons you acquired. They are more powerful than the ones you had in Limbo. He wants you to use a heavy attack on the doors. It should be enough to destroy them.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Destroy the prison door with a heavy attack

Quest Dialogue Edit

Laygolahz15 "I've checked the weapons we got. They seem to be a lot stronger than the ones in Limbo. I've heard about them a few times. They got what people usually call heavy and special attacks. Want me to explain?" [Y/N]

Answer Yes (green thumb up): Laygolahz15 "When you use a weapon you charge it with energy. When enough energy is accumulated the weapon will be able to fire a special or heavy attack. These attacks usually cause a lot more devastation. Each weapon has a different setup ad never lose the charge until they are used. That means you can charge up all of your weapons and then fire all the heavy and special attacks. One more thing. The heavy charge and the special one are separate so triggering a heavy won't eat up the charge from the special one. Got it all?" [Y]

Answer No (red thumb down) or finish the Yes dialogue: Laygolahz15 "Ok. We need to take care of the door blocking our escape. To break it you will need to use a heavy attack on it.

Rewards Edit

  • 63 exp
  • 16 bits
  • Class appropriate armor - shirt

Additional Information Edit

  • Breaking the door down automatically completes the quest, and begins the next one.
  • As it says in the quest notes, you need to use a 'heavy attack' to get through this door. That means charging up the powers by using the normal (left click) attack then using the right click or Q/E to use the special attacks.

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