The lush and vast Bug World is in reality an experimental simulation maintained by Doctor Kunahara. Its purpose is to test the behavior of insects in close-to-life simulations. The doctor pushed the limits of this Otherland simulation by making his creations gigantic in size. Huge wasps, enormous spiders, gargantuan cockroaches are what makes Bug World a highly interesting and challenging place to visit.

Bug World Edit


Portals/Areas: Edit

  • Jungle
  • Main Building
  • Research Complex
  • Ruins

Quests (main Storyline) Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
Mian story continues, from the Lantern District
1 The trust Removed from game
2 Insects or bugs Hasmer Hasmer
3 Angry bugs Hasmer Hasmer
4 Half way done Neklin Neklin 233 48 bits
5 Lotus Neklin Neklin 17
6 Are we there? Neklin Neklin 233 48 bits
7 Here come the bugs Neklin Neklin 699 67 bits Weapon
8 Long Way Back Neklin none (autocompletes) 17
9 Doctor's Help Bastel Dontary 132 10 bits
10 Possible solution Dontary Dontary 254 52 bits Chest Armor
11 The big bug hunter Dontary Stef Sahar 132 10 bits
12 Hate or forget Stef Sahar Stef Sahar 397 62 bits Eye wear
12.5 The old forgotten part Stef Sahar Mordego the hunter 300 56 bits
13 Mordego the hunter Mordego Mordego 300 56 bits Mouth mask
14 Killing bugs for living Mordego Mordego 450 67 bits
15 Spring the trap Mordego Mordego 450 67 bits Armor (pants)
16 Mordego's Token Mordego Shaman 150 11 bits
17 The warriors gather Shaman River Boggart 300 56 bits Armor (head)
18 It's a Trap Xetego Xetego 338 60 bits
19 Fight them ! Itego Itego 507 72 bits Armor (gloves)
20 Where did I leave it? Potego Potego 338 60 bits
21 We march ! River Boggart Mordego 338 60 bits Armor (head)
22 OOPS! Stef Sahar Stef Sahar
23 Bye Boggarts Stef Sahar Stef Sahar 169 12 bits portal key to Bug World Ruins
And on to the Bug World Ruins...

Bug World Ruins Edit

Quests (Main Storyline) Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
...continued from Bug World
1 Finding the doctor Stef Sahar Zerth 169 12 bits
2 The science camp Zerth Zerth 507 72 bits
3 Bugging the code Zerth Zerth 567 76 bits Weapon
4 Study notes Zerth Zerth 567 76 bits
5 The return of the bug Stef Sahar unnamed survivor 378 64 bits Mouth mask
6 The device unnamed survivor unnamed survivor 567 76 bits
7 Protect the hardware unnamed survivor unnamed survivor 378 64 bits
8 The giant threat unnamed survivor Doctor Kunohara 1134 89 bits Chest armor
9 Kunohara Rescue Doctor Kunohara Doctor Kunohara 630 81 bits
10 Run, run, run Doctor Kunohara Doctor Kunohara 210 13 bits
11 Research is Key Doctor Kunohara Dontary 210 13 bits
12 Going Home Finally! Doctor Kunohara !Xabbu 210 13 bits Headwear
The story takes you back to Lambda Mall again to consult with the admins
1 I need more power !Xabbu !Xabbu 210 13 bits
2 Need more time !Xabbu !Xabbu 210 13 bits
3 Squared world !Xabbu Fredericks 210 13 bits Gloves and 8Squared portal key
Then it's off to 8Squared to start In the land of squares

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