Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Go to the fight zone
  • Defeat the halloween leader

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fire Cockatrice "The land has been invaded with halloween forces! Hero! We must vanquish their leader. Go! Do what you are meat to!"

Rewards Edit

  • 9675 exp
  • 561 bits
  • Halloween token

Additional Information Edit

The boss of this world is in the fields out where you found the Bug Hunters quite a way from the Main Building. The quest compass points you in the right direction.

This boss is tricky, and usually required two people to defeat it. The Horror had three abilities that made it a formidable foe. First it had a charge attack, so it would close the distance to you very quickly and do a good deal of damage. It also has a tail slap which does damage, knocks you to the ground, and stuns you for a brief period of time. The last ability is by far the most powerful. The Horror would stop and call forth a number of smaller Horrors which spawn at random places around the area. These smaller versions would move towards the larger one, they ignore the players. Once they reached the large Horror they would be consumed and heal him. The smaller ones could be targeted, and it is advised that you kill as many of them as you can. If all of them are allowed to be consumed, the Horror would be healed in full.

It was either possible to kill enough of the smaller ones that it didn't heal fully, or continue to do more damage than all of the healing combined and whittle it down slowly. Either way, this is a tough encounter and you should use defensive stances, recovery capsules, or an energizer to keep yourself alive during the fight.


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