Description Edit

Stef managed to teleport the Queen out of the village causing the bugs to follow her. The village is thus safe. You should continue the search for Kunohara in the ruins by taking the portal Stef opened for you.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Use the portal and go to the ruins

Quest Dialogue Edit

Stef Sahar: "The attacks should stop for now. I've moved the Queen to a emote location in the jungle. However, I doubt that Kunohara will be happy with our involvement in this cap. We should leave as soon as possible."

"I'll open a flight tube that you can take. To keep it safe I'll activate it outside of the village. We will meet at it's end. Try not to disappear this time."

On completion:

Stef Sahar: "I see this portal worked a lot better. Good."

"Now that we are here we should be more cautious. We have no scans of this area so anything can live here."


  • 169 Exp
  • 12 Bits
  • portal key to Bug World Ruins

Additional Information Edit

The 'flight tube' opened by Stef actually turns out to be a full sized portal on the other side of the village. This is a holdover from the closed beta where an actual flight tube was available for transporting you to the ruins.

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