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The Chat Window, by default appearing at the bottom left of the screen, is where messages from the game and other players appear and where you can send messages to others and even fire off some emotes!


The following channels are currently available. You can select the channel you want from the little dropdown menu at the top left of the chat dialog (indicated by the down-arrow).

  • Say
  • Whisper
  • Shout
  • Help
  • Party
  • Clan
  • Officer


A row of icons down the left side of the chat dialog allow you to filter the messages seen.

(insert table of filter descriptions)


The list, selected using the up-arrow on the top left of the chat dialog makes your character carry out various emotes. It's not currently possible (as far as we know) to type an emote command in, they have to be selected from the list.

  • Greeting
  • ThumbsDown
  • ThumbsUp
  • Yawn
  • Shrug
  • Beckon
  • GroovingDance
  • Bow
  • Drink
  • InteractGroundSlow

Known CommandsEdit

Commands that you can type into the chat window. More are being added.

Command What it does
/s, /say Say - local chat
/w [name], /whisper [name] private message to player [name]
/t [name], /tell [name] same as /whisper
/send [name] same as /whisper
/p, /party send to party members
/c, /clan send to clan members who are logged in
/o, /officer send to clan officers who are logged in
/cdisband disband the clan
/cquit quit/leave the clan
/cinvite [name] invite the named player to join the clan
/cremove [name], ckick [name] kicks the named player from the clan

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