Description Edit

Mr. Sellars tells you to try out the four classes by entering each portal before you in turn. You can do this in any order or not at all.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Enter each portal to try out various powers (or not, it doesn't seem to matter)
  • Meet Mr. Sellars

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mr. Sellars "Now we must get you ready for the task at hand. Prepare yourself for a far less serene location where you will undergo combat training. Follow me to what is called a 'portal' and we will use it to travel to Otherland."

On completion:

Mr. Sellars "Hello again. I see you managed to log into Otherland without any issues. That is really good. This is Otherland. The destruction you are seeing is caused by the mega-tycoon Felix Jongleur, he is ultimately trying to use it for his own, presumably nefarious, purposes. That's the reason you are here. we need to stop him, but before that, you will need to install your class first. Go explore this area, there are four classes you can be. Use the portals near here to test how they feel and when you made your choice come meet me near the installation tubes. I will mark my position in your task interface. It should be visible on the right side of your view."

On completion:

Mr. Sellars "So you have tried out all of the classes? Good, see these tubes surrounding me? enter one of them, it will fully install the class into you."

On Completion:

Mr. Sellars "Is this your final choice? You need to ensure that, because once it got installed, you can't revert it back. Are you sure?" (Y/N)

If you select no you can go back and try out the classes again.

If you select yes, "Good, then let's move on. Before that, I would like to let you know that..." [Screen shakes] "What!? What is that shake coming from!? Oh no! It starts! We need to hurry, we need to stop Felix Jongleur abuse the power!"

Additional Information Edit

2015-09-20 00030

Warriors specialize in slow, hard hits and defending their party.

Energizers use ranged energy to both heal friendlies and damage foes.

The Marksman is specialized in ranged combat and supporting their party in battle.

Assassins are nimble and stealthy melee/tank class with a set of lethal skills at their disposal.

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