The crafting system is available to everyone without having to train for a particular "profession". While you are out in the world defeating mobs, you will notice that you can interact with a glowing substance around your kills by hitting the F key.

This will allow you to extract eDNA and gives you the chance of collecting a recipe fragment.  There is a tab to track recipe fragments in your inventory window to keep track of the recipes that you are collecting (note that at present, in Early Access, not all recipes show up in this tab - they do however, appear in the SOMAforge recipes tab). It takes between 5 and 20 fragments to learn a recipe or you can purchase complete recipes from shops in the Lambda Mall. Anyone can craft any item as long as they have the complete recipe.  

Crafting requires SOMA and other materials and once you have the required recipe and materials you need to visit a SOMAforge to craft your item. There are 3 possible outcomes when crafting:

  • Success: You get the item with the stats shown in the tooltip
  • Failure: You fail to craft the item and lose a portion of your mats
  • Critical Success: You receive the item in your inventory with improved stats

eDNA that you extract can be used in your Uspace in the eDNA lab to create clones of mobs you have encountered. The clones are used to guard your Uspace from invaders. The home invasion system is still in the works and the Devs are working out a system that will appeal to the PVP fans as well as those who are not so keen on the idea. This will be available in a future patch.

Here is a picture guide for crafting.

  1. Find the Soma Forge. This is near the skill trainer and Auction.
  2. Talk to the trainer [F] and this screen will pop up.
  3. Click the Misc. box this will show you available recipes and materials needed. You can mouse over these and see the stats provided by each item.
  4. As stated this process fails occasionally. Normally you will be met with success ~ Hooray!!
  5. Crafting boosters can be purchased at Get Lucked Up in Lambda Mall.

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