Description Edit

The Celestial Dragon attacked the village. Wakumi is wounded but asks you to find and save the ambassadors.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the Metal Ambassador
    • Kill the demons attacking the Metal Ambassador [0/3]
  • Find the Wood Ambassador
    • Kill the demons attacking the Wood Ambassador [0/3]
  • Talk to SweetieCheng

Quest Dialogue Edit

Wakumi: "*cough* Why? Why would the Celestial Dragon attack us?"

"I will be ok. *cough* I am worried about the ambassadors. The Fire Ambassador didn't make it but the others started running when the demons attacked. We cannot let them die." "Please *cough* go find them. Help them!"

Metal Ambassador: "Thank you for saving me. I saw the Wood Ambassador running further away from the village. The demons started chasing him."

Wood Ambassador: "Thank you for the help. I should be ok. I saw a girl that looked like she was made of metal. She was fighting the demons. You should head to her and help her fight."

On completion:

SweetieCheng: "We are too late..."

Rewards Edit

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