Description Edit

Orlando found a way to get out of here. All we need to do is destroy the simulation core. It will probably be heavily guarded, so go find SweetieCheng and her crew will help you.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Orlando "I've been kicked out of the code. It seems that these creatures are getting stronger. I've sent Sweetie and the others to try and find the creature blocking me and get rid of it. You should go help them."

On finding SweetieCheng:

SweetieCheng "You are here just in time! Orlando said that the shaders merged into something bigger, it should be here any second. Help us take it down. Orlando wants us to destroy the shader blocking him from the code."

On Completion:

SweetieCheng "Good job! Now we can continue with the plan."

Rewards Edit

  • 135 exp
  • 11 bits
  • Class appropriate weapon

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