Description Edit

Sweeite explained that she and the rest were fighting demons in another villages. They got pushed back and lost one village. She and the rest are fighting demons in Lotus Landing Docks. They will meet with you soon.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Kill demons [0/10]
  • Enter the portal
  • Talk with the Water Master

Quest Dialogue Edit

SweetieCheng: "Laygholaz and Rage are fighting up the hill. We are trying to keep more demons from entering the village."

"CritYouInDaFace went up higher to scout. We should find where the demons are coming from and deal with their leader."

"We should gather up and head up the hill. Crit should meet us there."

After entering the portal:

Water Master: "You come at a most dire moment stranger. Are you here to help me or slay me?"

Rewards Edit

  • 262 exp
  • 48 bits
  • Class appropriate armor - Mouth Mask

Additional Information Edit

  • The demons on this hill seem to come in pairs with a telepathic link connecting them. When you attack one, you'll end up fighting (at least) two.
  • If you're swamped by demons, once you have all ten in the bag, just run for the portal. As soon as you interact with it you'll go through.
  • When you come through the portal the quest may not recognize that you've actually come through. Do not move too far away from the portal or it will fail and you'll have to start over. Try running around the portal (behind you) and see if that completes that part of the quest. If not you can try using the portal to go in and out again and see if that works. Only move away from the portal once it tells you to talk to the Water Master.

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