Quest Description Edit

Orlando senses other conscious simuloids like you. They have to be nearby and likely in trouble. Hurry up and find them.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

On finding Orlando:

Orlando: "Hey! Can you hear me? Finally someone who can speak. I understand you are confused, I'll explain everything but first we need some assistance. My name is Orlando and I've been in charge of keeping Otherland clean. This is a place we used to call Limbo. It is where all the bugged parts of Otherland are stored. However it seems that after the restart Otherland placed working simulation parts here."

"Before I can break you out of here you will need to find others like you."

On finding SweetieCheng:

SweetieCheng "What? Who are you? The last thing I remember is destroying a throne and a man called Sellars. I was there with one more person. He was named CritYouInDaFace. he could be somewhere in this simulation. Please, can you find him?"

On finding CritYouInDaFace:

CritYouInDaFace "Ugh... Sweetie sent you? Don't worry about me. I'll be alright. but I don't know if I can say the same for RageGunzzz and Laygolahz15."

Rewards Edit

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