Description Edit

The White Pawn wants you to catch and feed the beast with flowers which will calm them down. You'll need to collect the flowers first.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

White Pawn: "Phah! What do you want?"

"If you want to make things good you will need to take care of the beasts the Red Army unleashed on us. Gather a few traps and the Spirit Blooms. They help you catch the Bunderbeasts."

White Pawn: "You did a great job. Please, tell the White Bishop abut it."

White Bishop: "Helping the White Pawn is a great way to redeem yourself."

Rewards Edit

  • 1613 exp
  • 281 bits
  • Armor - Bridge Circuit

Additional Information Edit

There are currently no traps, you just need to feed the beasts to complete the quest. Interact with the beasts, do not attack them. After you have fed them, they will turn from red to green.

This is one of the four quests needed to complete Help Us Now!. Once you have completed all of these you can continue questing for the White Bishop

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