Description Edit

PumPk is the female gatherer of the group/ She asks you to help her gather necessary materials.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Help PumPk collect arrows [0/8]
  • Help PumPk collect crystals [0/3]
  • Help PumPk collect healing herbs [0/4]
  • Help PumPk collect leather scraps [0/5]
  • talk to PumPk
  • talk to Dekey

Quest Dialogue Edit

PumPk "Hey, how about you help me, hmm? There are enough highly coded items out there and together we should be a lot safer."

PumPk "Thank you. You did well. I will prepare the code for MaccyD/ YOu should head down to the battlefield and talk to our war master Dekey. He might need your help."

Dekey "*Sigh* Can't you see I'm busy? So the quartermaster sent you did she? She thinks I can't handle this pathetic rabble by myself I imagine..."

Rewards Edit

  • 2184 exp
  • 128 bits
  • Bridge Circuit

Additional Information Edit

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