Description Edit

Xeono wants to turn attention to the shaders again, the warriors are following Ospo but Xeono thinks that more are needed to thwart the threat. Talk to the scouting groups and ask if they will join the fight.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the first scouting team
  • Talk to the scout leader
  • Find the second scouting team
  • Talk to the scout leader
  • Find the third scouting team
  • Talk to the scout leader

Quest Dialogue Edit

Xeono: "Now that the red army is no longer a threat we need to take care of the shaders. Ospo wans to lead a charge at the stone cross. It seems they are coming from there."

"We, however, will need a much larger force to push through the beasts. There are a few scouting parties that Ospo sent out. We will need their help. Can you please gather them?"

First Scout Leader:

"What are you doing here? A charge at the enemy base? Ha! Come on lads. We have a fight brewing that we don't want to miss." [Y]

Second Scout Leader:

"Finally! Group, we are in for a nice fight. Let's move!" [Y]

Third Scout Leader:

"We will join the fight. Tell Ospo that he can count on us." [Y]

On completion:

Ospo: "Ugh... As much as I hate to admit it I think you proved your worth. I heard about your battle against the red army. That fight much have been a battle worthy of many tales."

"Xeono told me she shared the plan with you. I am looking forward to fighting along side you."

Rewards Edit

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