System RequirementsEdit

Minimum and recommended hardware/software required to play Otherland.

Game FeaturesEdit

Otherland features some amazingly vibrant graphics. Lambda Mall has lots of shops and the ubiquitous auction house to tempt players and every character gets it's own personal 'home' called a Uspace which can be decorated and used to increase storage, add portal rooms to other areas of the game, to mention but a few. The Uspace has lots of other unique features.

Ingame mail, crafting and character customisation options at the metamorph are also covered.

User InterfaceEdit

Otherland has all the usual interface options expected of an MMO, inventory, maps, social interactions, quest log, customization for key mapping, etc.


An action based combat system with swappable weapons (can equip three at a time) featuring special hard hitting powers that charge up and can be held ready to be unleashed whenever the player desires.

Character StatsEdit

Stats affect the characters effectiveness in combat and survivability. They are generally modified through equipped items.

Updates (Changelog)Edit

Otherland is an ever-evolving MMO, currently in Early Release, so there are many changes.

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