Description Edit

Hidden in the lowest slums of Lambda Mall, the Bad Sector is a place for hackers, gang members and other individuals of questionable reputation. Unlike the shiny Lambda Mall Concourse this is an old, deteriorated and dangerous area that no-one visits without a loaded weapon at the ready.

Additional Information Edit

Quests in the Bad SectorEdit

Tutorial - Rozzie's Gang HideoutEdit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 Falling from the Skies Entering Portal Cutscene 53 12 bits
2 Kidnap and Sell SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 35 2 bits Armor: Legs
3 Knock him out SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 53 12 bits Mini Recovery Capsule: T1
4 Something to fight with SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 63 16 bits
5 Rebellion of the Kidnapped SweetieCheng SweetieCheng 63 16 bits Armor: Feet
6 Break out Laygolahz15 Laygolahz15 63 16 bits Armor: Chest
7 Run for it SweetieCheng 94 19 bits Armor: Head
8 A hard knock Laygolahz15 Laygolahz15 225 27 bits Weapon
9 Old fashion talking Laygolahz15 Renie 37 4 bits
10 Vengence Renie Renie 112 24 bits Mini Recovery Capsule: T1 x5
11 Leave and never return Renie Renie 37 4 bits

Main Story QuestsEdit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
Main Story continues here from the Lantern District
1 Plague in the Taxi The Plague The Plague 203 44 bits Mini recovery capsule T3 x5
2 Defending The Plague The Plague The Plague 101 8 bits Armor - shoes
3 The Leaders Right Hand The Plague Mr. Tim 304 52 bits
4 A World of Bugs Renie Bastel 116 exp 9 bits Portal key to Bug World
The story now sends you off to Bug World after you've seen the admins again

Quests on Your Return from the Oyster HouseEdit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 ShadowProxy (Quest)
2 Hack them all
3 GangH4ck
4 Next apartment
5 The orphans in need
6 Simple papers
7 Bazaar papers
8 To the red planet

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