Description Edit

Fredericks says that she has been looking for you. She asks you to follow her to the barbarian camp near where Orlando has been recently.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks: "Hey, you there. Yes, you. You don't seem to fit the simulation... Your code... it's insanely complex."

"Oh... you are the one Renie sent me a message about. Now I understand what she meant by unique."

"I think we will have time to talk later. For now let me get you up to speed with what I know."

"After you contacted with the rest of the admins I started going through the simulation looking for Orlando. I checked the logs of his activity but it seems that someone was trying to wipe them clean. I got a hard copy of them so we have to work with that."

"The last log mentions of Orlando heading north from this village. I know it's not the newest log but I've set up a program that might recover some of the more recent ones."

"Ok, lets get going. I'll lead the way."

On completion:

Fredericks: "Something's wrong. I would expect at least one group of barbarians to be scouting the area. Le me run a quick scan of the zone."

"Oh no... This is bad."

Rewards Edit

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