Description Edit

Old Lady explained that her husband went out to hunt an hasn't retrned or two days now. She asked you to find him, pointing in the direction he went.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Look deeper in to the forest
  • Help any red army remnants [0/3]
  • Talk to the Red Rook

Quest Dialogue Edit

Spooky Lady "It is very hard time for me youngling. A few days ago my husband went hunting... but didn't return."

"I was trying to find him but with my age anything in these woods could be my end. Say youngling why don't you help out an old lady and find him...

Finding the Red Rook

Red Rook "Phew.. Thanks for the help little one."

"I don't know what these creatures are but they surely were not pulling punches."

Rewards Edit

  • 563 exp
  • 80 bits
  • Gloves

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