Description Edit

Xetego wants you to plant traps around the village, and promises to follow you then.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Set up traps near the village entrances

Quest Dialogue Edit

Xetego: "I Xetego. I master of hunter of village. You need Xetego help?" [Y]

"Xetego has other tasks. You help Xetego, Xetego helps you."

On completion:

Xetego: "Traps set. Xetego thanks you."

"Xetego will follow. Lead Xetego to Queen when you ready."

Rewards Edit

Additional InformationEdit

The traps are just glowing markers on the paths outside the village entrances. you just interact with them as usual.


This is one of the mini quests from the Boggart hunters needed to complete The warriors gather main quest. The others are Fight them ! and Where did I leave it?

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