Description Edit

Sweetie managed to steal a key from one of the gang members and] asked you to distract the guard and RageGunzzz will take care of him.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to the guard
  • Distract the guard

Quest Dialogue Edit

SweetieCheng "When they were dragging us here I managed to steal a key from one of them but without a weapons we can't really fight them... or... Hmm... I think it could work. Talk to one of the guards. When he is distracted I'll open the cage and let Rage take care of him. I am quite sure he will manage it even without a weapon."

Guard "You are all so weak... I mean really. You all popped up out of thin air and we managed to defeat you so easily. Rozzie told us that you are all worth a lot of bits. I am surprised how someone that puny could be worth that much. If it was up to me you'd all be dead by now by orders are orders. We even sent out a crew that is looking for more sims worth as much as you. But... Why am I even talking to you?! Get back to your cage and shut up!


Rewards Edit

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