Description Edit

Naoki is terrified. He didn't want to go so far but he often loses track when it comes to having fun. He asked you to lead him back to his brother Daiki

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Naoki: "I just wanted to play with the kids in the village. I didn't know we would end up like this!"

"We were playing hide and seek. I was trying to find the little kids. I didn't know that this part of the village was dangerous! I swear! I didn't know! I was trying to help!"

"I was looking for them and then I noticed that they were surrounded by foxes. I had to help. I am sorry that I rushed off but I just wanted to have some fun. Please did you find my brother? Can you take me to him?"

On completion:

Daiki: "Thank you for bringing Naoki back."

"I really hope that he wasn't causing too much trouble."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

  • Once you have started the quest to guide Naoki back to his brother, you can just go and he'll follow. Although the foxes might still attack once respawned, Naoki will now ignore them and follow you.

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