Description Edit

Now that most of the gang members in the area are gone you should leave before they find out what happened. Renie told you she left a portal to Lambda Mall open, use it.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Renie "I found a portal. It is not in the best shape but it will be able to get you to Lambda Mall. I also sent out a warning to the security of Lambda Mall. They will be taking this place down. I will meet you on the other side of the portal. Good luck."

Find Renie when you arrive:

Renie "Welcome to Lambda Mall."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

There are a few boxes that you can interact with in this area. One is close to the group at the last door unlocked, it can be opened by interacting (F key), it contains nothing. The second is around the corner close to the ramp up to the portal. If also can be opened by interacting with it, it also contains nothing. This one re-spawns after a few seconds but none of the subsequent boxes contain anything.

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