Description Edit

The Water Master is trapped. She couldn't help protect the people when the Celestial Dragon broke the world into several isles. She asked you to destroy the energy beacons keeping her imprisoned.

Quick Walkthrough Edit


Energy Beacon

Quest Dialogue Edit

Water Master: "There is no time to talk right now. The Celestial Dragon has... broken the world. She is more powerful than I thought. I tried fighting her but I failed."

"She wanted me to witness the fall of my people and trapped me here to toy with me."

"I can feel my people suffer and the anger grows in me. I will challenge the Celestial Dragon and I think I might succeed with your help. First, however, we need to bring this trap down."

"To free me you have to destroy five devices that the traitor Celestial Dragon placed here. When they are down I am sure the trap will be also."

On completion:

Water Master: "Thank you stranger. Now lets deal with the world breaker. I will take down her shield and attack her."

Rewards Edit

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