Lotus Landing Docks is part of the 5Isles zone.

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Lotus Landing Docks Quests Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
From The Tunnel in 5Isles (Newbie)
1 The Elder Wakumi (Quest) SweetieCheng Water Master
2 The Ambassadors Wakumi Wakumi
3 The Missing Fire Fudo Fudo 128 32 bits
4 Fudo's Sulphur Fudo Fudo 128 32 bits
5 The Walking Wood Itsuki Itsuki 128 32 bits
6 The Voice of the Fox Daiki Naoki 225 48 bits
7 Leading the Small Tree Naoki Daiki 150 36 bits
8 Wooden Promise Naoki Itsuki 150 36 bits Weapon
9 The Metal Gift Kurogane Kurogane 128 32 bits
10 The Great Investigation Kurogane Kurogane 192 38 bits Armor (chest)
11 The Festival Begins Wakumi Wakumi 150 36 bits
12 Diplomatic Immunity Wakumi SweetieCheng 225 43 bits
13 Fight the Hill SweetieCheng Water Master 262 48 bits Mouth Mask
14 Let the Water Flow Water Master Water Master 175 40 bits
15 Water Dragon Water Master SweetieCheng 525 55 bits Weapon
16 What is Lost SweetieCheng none 87 8 bits
The story switches back to Lambda Mall
1 Hello Admin enter !Xabbu's apartment Simuloid3571 87 8 bits
2 Mr. Tim Simuloid3571 Mr. Tim 101 8 bits Portal key to Lantern District
And then on to see The Plague in the Lantern District

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