Description Edit

The innkeeper knows about another source of valuables, though you will have to find someone who knows someone to ask about it.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fritzl the Innkeeper "As I said before I have nothing valuable right now... But I know the man who knows something about something. Helluva story you say but are you interested or not?"

Bridge Keeper

Bridge keeper "Who sent you... you said what?"

"Oh... Hmm, Ok... He always pours a little bit more in my glass... So what brings you here?"

"Uhmm... Yes... It happens so that I know the "man" the innkeeper mentioned... His name is Dirt and he lives in the house ruins near Blue Bell Top. Not a very pleasant creature but... I guess he can be useful. Just remember never tell anybody that he is squatting there as people will surely lynch him."

"When you get there use this whistle three times... Remember no more, no less! Three shall be the number thou shalt use it, and the number of uses shall be three." [Y]

"Hope that clears the situation."

Dirt the Boggart

Dirt "He sends... He orders... Dirts will do!" [Y]

"Has glitter, has gold... Pretty, pretty... The box Dirt cannot open... Will help?" [Y/N]

No: "You no help... You no glitter..." [Y] ends dialogue

Yes: "Good... Nice! Good... But not here... Evil witch she took and hid... For Dirt to heavy... But Dirt tell him... Go and take."

On completion

Fritzl the Innkeeper "Very good... You did it. Good." [Y]

"The king will be glad..."

"Now, I must get back to work. Good day to you and hav fun in our nasty village."

Rewards Edit

  • 1005 exp
  • 105 bits
  • Gloves

Additional Information Edit

Dirt's box is near another burned out building nearby. You have to destroy the box bay attacking it, then looting the item.

Part of the Bridge keeper's dialogue is similar to a skit done by Monty Python

Holy hand grenade of Antioch

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