The red planet is a hub of enterprise and prosperity and the foremost place for a specific type of trade; some merchants here specialize in less than legal exotic goods. But like all simulations Mars is facing a difficult time. Its society is divided by a harsh class system and is standing on the brink of revolution.

Portals/Areas: Edit

Main Storyline Quests Edit

Num Quest Name Start End Exp Currency Reward
1 The fee
2 Good goods
3 Let's go red
4 Ler'yas (Quest)
5 Signal the leader
6 To the Ship!
7 Ruby escort
8 Fire the sim
9 Up in sales
10 Welcome to the bazaar
11 The not-so-good
12 See what happens
13 Shh
14 See the lord
15 Lady Maile ( Quest)
16 Serve the lady
17 What is yours ...
18 Shopping Spree
19 The war begins!
20 Spotter
21 Revolution is now