Description Edit

Fredericks explained that she was following Orlando's logs and they came to an abrupt end somewhere near this place. She wants you to meet her at the entrance of the barbarian camp.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks "What do you mean programs? Looking like barbarians? Hmm... If they are here to protect this port then they must have seen Orlando. We should go to them and learn what we can.

At the barbarian camp entrance

MaccyD "This simuloid is with you? We mean no harm but a few weeks back a similar presence... caused a lot of issues. It seems the programs still remember that and to ensure the stability I tried to dispose of it. I apologize. I'll update their code."

"You are looking for him? Hmm... I can't really tell you where he went and what he was looking for. He just asked us for a chance to meet with the spirit maiden and left not long after. However... his actions only cause the spirit well to start bursting with more code."

"If you really want to find him you should head to the table top knoll and talk to the spirit maiden."

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

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