Description Edit

The logger picked something up, but it's pretty useless. Fredericks wants to try logging into the Patron and checking her memory log, but she needs for you to distract her.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Distract the patron while Fredericks tried to hack her.

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks" While waiting we can take care of the patron. I am quite sure she was hacked to not notice anything. I can try restarting her but she must be distracted. Can you do that?"

Davy (patron) "You look *bzzt* Hello. How may I help you? Yes, I am the patron of this orphanage. I take care of 18 *bzzt* 10 children here. I heard rumors about kidnapp *bzzt* children disappearing but how can I believe them if all of them are here?"

Fredericks "Ok I managed to... wait... what?!"

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

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