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Description Edit

Mordego tells you that he will wait next to the trap, and gives you his token. You need to show the token to a shaman in the village and then explain that Mordego has captured the Queen.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Deliver Mordego's token to the shaman

Quest Dialogue Edit

Mordego: "Mordego wait here and keep Queen trapped."

"You go to Shaman and show token from Mordego. Village come for Queen."

On completion:

Shaman: "Good job! Here are the rewards for you, do you want to take it right now?" [Y] (not sure what this bit of text is about - may be an oversight!)

"Who you be? Why you have Mordego token?"

"Hmm you capture Queen?! This is impossible! You... you no lie!"

Rewards Edit

  • 150 exp
  • 11 bits

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