Description Edit

After your return you find out that Fredericks left leading the remnants of the Red Army away from the camp. Ospo mentioned that she needs help - you should go look for her.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Ospo: "Your friend, the little one. She was asking about a friend of yours. I know who you seek but I haven't seen him for weeks now. He is a true warrior."

"he was heading south the last time I saw him. He mentioned that he will be entering the Valley of Ardor. if you are following him, be cautious. The valley is curse with things far worse than you can imagine."

Talk to Fredericks:

Fredericks: "I see you've earned the respect of the barbarians. They might seem a bit... hmm... blunt, but they are very honourable people. They will never forget what we've both done for them."

"Right. We need to get back to the job at hand. Orlando went this way, we should follow."

On the other side:

Fredericks: "Hmm... Ok, I have no logs of Orlando in this place. I guess we will have to try to find him on our own."

"Let me scan the area. maybe there is something interesting that we could use as a starting point."

Rewards Edit

  • 563 exp
  • 80 bits
  • Chest armor

Additional InformationEdit

When you follow the quest compass it takes a few second for Ospo to appear where you are directed. You may have to wait a little bit, or back away and come back in order for him to spawn where he should.


Step into the Flight Tube...

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