The maintenance is over and Halloween started. Have fun! 

Happy Frightening Others! 

Horror fans and costume fanatics: It’s time! Otherland’s Halloween event starts tomorrow and adds new quests, costumes and pumpkins to the game. An exciting chase for these pumpkins will lead to a totally new area and reward the players with a unique pet! Yes, you've read it right - for the first time, pets will become available in Otherland! And the best news: We  have a discount! You can now save 33%. Happy Halloween! 

However, in order to implement the changes, server maintenance will be necessary. The servers will be in maintenance mode from 3 p.m. GMT+2 until 6 p.m. GMT+2. During the maintenance we will patch the servers for the Halloween event and will provide Steam with the newest client patch. Please take a look at the patch notes below. 

Thank you for your understanding and happy farming! 

Patch v5.5.16 “Spooky Scary Invasion” 

  • The Halloween content has been unlocked. 
  • Bug World, 8Squared, Lambda Mall and Mars Docks simulations are now under attack by Halloween forces. Each of the simulations gained a Halloween themed area. 
  • Three Halloween themed pets have been added to the game. They will be available through questing. The quests awarding them will be available only during the Halloween event. 
  • Three quests have been added in Bug World, Mars Docks and 8Squared. These quests reward a small amount of credits and a Halloween themed pet (they will appear in the Credits tab of the inventory). The quest givers can be found near the main portal of each simulation. 
  • Three Halloween themed world bosses had been added in 8Squared, Lambda Mall and Bug World. 
  • Three daily quests had been added in 8Squared, Bug World and Lambda Mall. In order to complete them you will need to defeat the Halloween bosses in each of the simulations. These quests can be repeated every day and award a Halloween Token to be used to acquire one of the halloween costume sets. 
  • Four quest givers have been added to Lambda Mall. They allow players to return the “Halloween Tokens” for costume parts. Keep in mind that you need to select the reward manually. There are two unisex costumes (“Black Knight” and “Killer”) and two gender specific ones (“Punk Male” and “Punk Female”). 
  • 8Squared path finding had been tweaked and should cause less issues now. 
  • Several terrain issues have been fixed. 
  • Missing 8Squared trees have returned and you can again enjoy the environment. 
  • The Arena in the Bad Sector had several fixes applied and should now cause less issues for players. 
  • Some quest rewards could not be sold to vendors. The shopkeepers will accept them now. 
  • The level cap of 50 had been tweaked and should no longer cause any issues.

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