Description Edit

The leader of the soldiers told you that they are part of a much larger group stationed within the valley. Not long ago the Red Queen ordered them to conquer this area. He asked you to help the squad defend the camp.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red Rook "I am part of a red army squad sent here to the valley of Ardor. We were supposed to find a camp of red army soldiers that were guarding this area but got attacked before we could reach it."

"Yes, I am the only one left. I could really use some help and you seem capable of defending yourself."

On completion

Red Rook "Oh no... the camp is gone. I bet everything that they were attacked by the same creatures that attacked us. Well, at least it explains the lack of recent reports from them."

"The creatures are quite strong so I'm not really surprised the camp got decimated."

Rewards Edit

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