Description Edit

Plague explained the first step of the plan. He wants you to escort him to the Lambda Mall taxi system. It will help Mr. Tim bring his goods to the concourse.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Follow Plague to the taxi stand.

Quest Dialogue Edit

The Plague: "I will try to use the device you brought me. I'm not sure of the outcome but what I am sure is that the defenses of Lambda Mall will react to me. I will need you to help me. Are you up for it?"

When you reach the taxi stand:

"Ok, we are here. I will work my magic now."

Rewards Edit

  • 203 exp
  • 44 bits
  • Mini Recovery Capsule T3 x5

Additional Information Edit

This is an escort quest, you will need to stick close to The Plague. If he gets too far away from your character the quest may fail. You may be attacked by the sentry spiders. If Plague doesn't stop to fight them you should not fight them either or you'll fail the quest. If he does stop to fight, help him.

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