Description Edit

Dekey explains his plan: he and his fellow programs will provide a diversion, while you plant explosives all around the camp.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Kill high rank red army soldiers [0/6]
  • Plant bombs [0/5]
  • Escape the camp and meet with Dekey

Quest Dialogue Edit

Dekey "Let's see if you and these lazy halfwits can do some real damage! Push on deeper into the camp and seek out their leaders, spare no one. Whilst you're in there, leave them this gift from me *hands over a crude explosive device*. I'll finish up here, report back to me if you survive."

Dekey "It seems I have underestimated you, all of you. You have lead thesemen to great honor, perhaps they aren't quite as worthless as I thought..."

Rewards Edit

  • 1182 exp
  • 230 bits
  • Armor - back

Additional Information Edit

You are rewarded to a cut scene of the camp being blown up by the explosives you placed, and the chaos that ensues because of that destruction after completing the quest dialogue.

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