Description Edit

At the top of Blue Bell you found a giant bell. In there you've found a portal looking similar to the one you found in Stone Cross... Fredericks is convinced that this one is a lot older than the one at Stone Cross and you should investigate it.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Investigate the portal
  • Kill the Fire beast

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks "Remember that portal near the barbarian camp? I found another one. It seems that the bugged area... Well or even the entire simulation is luring them."

"We need to take care of it or the logs from the area will be devoured. There is no other way.

On Completion

"What? A fire beast? how is that even... I don't get it. It has no way of traveling through simulations... Unless someone dragged it through. I think Orlando was on to something a lot bigger than we thought."

Rewards Edit

  • 2010 exp
  • 123 bits
  • Head wear

Additional Information Edit

Ring the bell at the portal, a Fire Beast will be summoned, prepare for a fight.


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