Description Edit

Behind the camp you found Fredericks with a large group of barbarian warriors. She explained to you that shaders aren't the only threat here, apparently the Red army has a camp nearby and they are aggressive. One of the barbarians asked you to help them fight off the next wave of attackers.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Defeat enemies [0/3]

Quest Dialogue Edit

Fredericks: "Red army? What do you mean they are here?"

"This is bad... really bad. Oh no! Prepare to fight!"

On completion:

Fredericks: "Good thing you came... It could have ended a lot worse."

"I think we will need to deal with the red army on our own. The barbarians are too weak from fighting the shaders to be able to battle them."

Rewards Edit

  • 1395 exp
  • 100 bits
  • Choice of Weapon

Additional InformationEdit

  • There are three waves of enemies to defeat with very little time between waves. For the most part, the babarbian NPCs take care of the Red army.

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