A list of issues that have been resolved...kept here in case they rear their ugly little heads again...

Resolved Issues Edit


  • The Mad King initially offers two quests, Greet The King and Back to the Old Days. If they are both picked up at the same time, the quest chain completes normally. If, however, the player only picks up Greet the King and decides to leave Back to the Old Days for later, the quest chain ends after talking to the begger in town and requires intervention from the devs to free the character. Fixed v5.4.8
  • The inventory sometimes goes completely blank: This is due to the character inadvertently picking up a legacy item. The only way to resolve this is to go to a shop/vendor, select the sell tab and look for an item without a graphical representation (just a blank square). Sell that item to the vendor and the inventory will once again refresh properly. Fixed v5.4.8
  • Opening the map in the Mars Bazaar crashes the game: Fixed Sep 29 2015 - v5.5.5
  • Auction House crashes the game client: Attempting to use the auction house crashes the game instantly. Fixed Sep 29 2015 - v5.5.5


  • "The Plague" Quest where you have to meet the npc at the taxi stand: The problem with this quest is in the description. This is actually an escort quest. If the npc gets too far from you it will just stay close :) Fixed Sep 29 2015 - v5.5.5
  • In Bug World, the first quest you receive (Earn Their Trust) from Bastel sometime has a strange issue where you can go through the sub quests from Hesmer and Neklin but be unable to turn the main quest in to Bastel. At this stage, just abandon the Earn Their Trust quest and pick it up again. The completion icon will immediately appear over Bastel's head and you can proceed. This seems to have been fixed in update Sep 29 2015 - v5.5.5 by the insertion of another minor quest before you need to talk to Bastel.


  • Currently, when you respawn using the option from the main menu, you lose 20% of your accumulated bits. This is legacy code which will be removed in the next patch. Fixed Sep 29 2015 - v5.5.5

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