Description Edit

Your USpace has an assistant. She is apparently created to help you get accommodated faster. She asked you to go to the main room inside your apartment and change the way your floors and walls look.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

Use the door to get to the control panel and change the floor in your USpace Change the walls in your USpace using the customization console (seen in the image).


Quest Dialogue Edit

Personal Assistant "First of all let me thank you for choosing to buy a USpace. We are now in the lobby of your USpace. The lobby is where everyone visiting your USpace will be teleported to at the start. The first goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to change the floors and walls of the USpace. Inside the next room use the console and change the floor and wall of you USpace.

Personal Assistant "Good job. Keep in mind that the console you just used has a much bigger variety of walls and floors for you to use. You can access the USpace shop using the console."

Rewards Edit

  • 37 exp
  • 4 bits
  • SOMAponics Room

Additional Information Edit

It is very important that you do not do too much with the USpace before instructed to do so by your assistant. The area is very user friendly, and you can figure out how to use the areas inside on your own. This will make it so you cannot progress through the quest line. Follow the assistants directions and finish the quests before interacting with the various functions of your USpace.

The customization console used to be on a pedestal near you USpace storage console. It has been relocated to being on the wall by the door back to the entry area.

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