Description Edit

SweetieCheng needs your help to check on the state of the village.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Scout the south part of the village
  • Scout the west part of the village
  • Scout the east part of the village
  • Scout the north part of the village

Quest Dialogue Edit

SweetieCheng: "I am still not sure why this village is so empty. It is creeping me out."

"We really shouldn't let our guard down."

"Can you do me a favor?"

"I've sent the rest of the crew to scout the surroundings and that left me alone with the weak sims here.I would tell them to do it but they are in a critical state right now. Could you scout the village and see if everything is ok?"

On completion:

Kichi: "Who... Who are you?"

"Whoever you are... please help me."

Rewards Edit

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