Updates Edit

  • We addressed the problem of transitioning between different zones, be it by portal or being “teleported” by a quest.
  • Character duplicates that were created during server problems have been deleted and those players affected by the problem should now be able to create new characters.
  • Various quests have been modified to make transitions more reliable. This should avoid problems like being stuck im Limbo in the future. • For those already affected by the problem, like the players who’s characters are stuck in Limbo (admit it, you love the irony) there should now be a portal to move on.
  • Several issues in the tutorial zone has been fixed. While they did not improve the tutorial itself (we’ll do that at a later date), they should improve the tutorial’s stability on the servers.
  • A couple of performance issues have been fixed in Limbo and Fire Isle.
  • Fixed an item interaction issue in the quest “Let’s go red” on Mars Docks.

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