• In-game mail has been enabled again.
  • In-game mail: fixed an issue where items received via mail were not being shown in the inventory. The items were delivered before this fix, but simply were not displayed so it appeared as if the items just vanished.
  • In-game mail: fixed a bug that caused items to disappear when a mail contained more than 2 items.
  • In-game mail: bits are now correctly calculated when sent via mail.
  • In-game mail: the mail UI now doesn’t care about case sensitivity in character names.
  • Auction house has been enabled again.
  • Auction house: when an auction value exceeds the buyout price, the buyout is now automatically triggered. Bidding over the buyout value should not be possible anymore.
  • Auction house: fixed an issue that prevented some auctions from being properly listed.
  • U|Space storage: an issue preventing usage of the storage has been fixed.
  • Clan bank: now correctly lists stored items and existing withdraw issues has been fixed.
  • Bits death penalty on respawn has been removed.
  • Tool tips in the character pane have been added for all player stats. While they will not satisfy theorycrafters, normal players should now have a better idea what certain stats do.
  • Mars Bazaar now has a map and a minimap.
  • Mars Bazaar: invoking the map does not crash the client anymore.
  • Male avatar received various smaller visual changes and a reduction in the hip and waist areas.
  • Female avatar. The fat female setting is fatter!
  • In this patch we added a global chat channel for everyone. You can access it by using the dropdown menu in the chat window. It is called "Help" and is intended to get/provide help in quests, zones, etc.
  • Added additional keybinding options (e.g. middle mouse button).

Additional Notes Edit

Also we will unlock the "Upgrade DLCs" soon™ after the patch. You can then upgrade from Starter to Deluxe Edition and from Deluxe to Collectors Edition.

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