Descripton Edit

The red bishop wants you to scare off the horses in the White Army camp.

Quick Walkthrough Edit

  • Ignite the hay bales to scare the horses
  • Talk to the Red Bishop

Quest Dialogue Edit

Red Bishop: "Gah! The White Army is running away! I can't stand that, the soldiers fight and the others escape!"

"They have horses in their camp! We need to scare them off, get rid of them somehow! Go to them, set fire to the hay and make sure they panic like there is no tomorrow!"

On Completion

Red Bishop: "Hahaha! I show the horses. The panic in their eyes! Ha! I can already see the disappointment in the White Army faces. Great job Soldier!"

Rewards Edit

Additional Information Edit

It is sometimes necessary to set fire to the hay bales in the right order otherwise it appears that there is no way to interact with them. Looking towards the White Barracks, do the top bale on the left pile first, then the bottom bale. Then move to the rightmost pile of bales and do the top bale first then the bottom.

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